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What Sets Us Apart

Sustainable. Relatable. Reliable.

We’re the Holistic Hub of Delaware

Becoming the “Holistic Hub of Delaware” isn’t something that happens overnight or by chance. It takes a family of patients like you who understand what it means to practice both biological and holistic dentistry. It means being a trusted partner, someone who’s an active listener and an advocate or voice for your needs and concerns. It means working closely, in connection with:

  • General practitioners
  • Chiropractors
  • Physical therapists
  • Physical trainers
  • Naturopaths
  • Holistic doctors
  • Nutritionists
  • Sleep centers
  • Health coaches

Your life is busy. Maybe you’ve got multiple mouths to feed and keep healthy. Maybe your job is causing added stress in your life, sending your entire body into overdrive. Maybe you’re so caught up in taking care of other people that you’ve forgotten how rewarding it feels to be all about yourself for a change. We can help you change everything — starting with your teeth.

We’re All About Smiles.
We’re All About You.

We believe in biological dental care, offering biocompatibility tests for our patients. The kit is designed to help you find out which medical and dental materials are most compatible with your unique physiology. You’ll also learn what types of materials you should avoid. This gives us the extra knowledge and power to make even more informed decisions about how to proceed with holistic dental treatments for you and your family.

As your experienced Wilmington biological and holistic family dentist, we want you to know that everything we do for you and offer to you is non-toxic. We don’t use any products containing Bisphenol A or more commonly known as BPA. This industrial chemical has been used in plastic goods since the 1960s. At certain levels, BPA is very toxic. All About Smiles relies on BPA-free, tooth-colored composite material for dental sealants and fillings. We only believe in using biocompatible materials and treatments to boost your oral and overall health, and never exposing either one of them to harm. It’s better for you and for our environment.

What does it mean
to be a biological dentist?

  • We don’t use metal or amalgam fillings. We only rely on natural-looking and non-toxic restorative and cosmetic materials.
  • We actually remove and clear out mercury using a specially-designed elimination system unique to our office. It provides state-of-the-art treatment that protects you and our team members from the vapors that can occur during this process.
  • We have a unique enamel microabrasion technique that we use as a cosmetic dentistry treatment to improve the way your teeth look and feel. We can easily remove old discolorations and fix other issues in a short office visit.
  • We use this for safe, minimally-invasive surgical treatment of periodontal or gum disease called LANAP (Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure). LAPIP treatment or Laser Assisted Implantitis Protocol is also offered as an alternative way to save your failing dental implants. Both procedures require no downtime and are completed skillfully and quickly.
  • We want to provide you with dentistry that produces harmony throughout your entire body.
  • We create an environment that is more like an “oasis of calm” rather than a stuffy, clinical dental office.
  • We’ll always strive to be the holistic hub of Delaware, providing the very best Wilmington has to offer for biological and holistic family dentistry that’s contemporary, yet conservative.