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Who We Treat

Families Come First

Biological, Holistic Care Everyone in Wilmington Can Love

At All About Smiles, we’re drawn to caring for families because we operate our biological and holistic dental office in Wilmington like a home, like a family. It makes our day when we see you smiling and pleased following your visit with us. Our goals for you and your oral health are planned on building long-term relationships with your family. We strive to encourage our patients of all ages and stages of life to commit to wellness of the:

  • Mouth
  • Body
  • Mind
  • Spirit

The patients we treat provide us a unique experience every day in that you’re all so special in your own individual ways. Who do we treat? Real people with genuine care for oral and overall health. We see people who agree that dentistry should do no harm to you or your smile. Together, we understand the importance of looking closely at your mouth, teeth, gums, and jaws working together in harmony for integrative care with a whole-body approach to dental care. You don’t just see your teeth as a way to chew food. Your smile has a hand in and is influenced by other health-related factors and everything else going on within your body — from generalized anxiety and fatigue to headaches and nutritional deficiencies.

Fully Committed to
Holistic Dental Care

Dr. Lewis Yu and Dr. Grace Liu are both trained naturopaths who made the choice to practice biological and holistic family dentistry in Wilmington. For Dr. Yu, the decision to pursue a more holistic approach to dental care started personally when he felt he was living minimally instead of optimally.

  • Have you bounced around from dentist to dentist, doctor to doctor, only to struggle with the same repeated health issues?
  • Do they simply want to mask your pain with medications or unnecessary treatments?
  • Can you relate?

We do things differently at All About Smiles for a refreshing experience your entire body can appreciate.

Biological is simply a part of holistic medicine where
we take added steps such as:

  • The safe removal of amalgam or mercury-tainted fillings
  • Not offering harmful fluoride treatments as part of our treatment plans, and only offering materials biocompatible to your unique needs
  • Practicing dentistry in a way that’s not harmful or unfair to patients or the environment
  • Integrating different herbs and vitamins into your diet to help rid your oral and overall health of toxins and re-energize your cells
  • Giving kids a “Healthy Start” for proper tongue positioning so that permanent teeth come in naturally and they’re able to breathe better