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Why Should I Choose A Biological Dentist?

added on: August 18, 2020

The Benefits to a Healthy Life

Because both holistic and biological family dentistry is still relatively new to dentistry, patients often are intrigued and want to know more. As a trusted biological dentist in Wilmington, we thought it would be beneficial to talk about why you should choose us and what’s different about the dentistry we deliver to our patients across Delaware.

What is a Biological Dentist?

A biological dentist can also be referred to as a holistic dentist interested in a more natural approach to family dentistry in Wilmington. A dentist who focuses on this kind of care understands the deep connection between your oral and overall health — mostly of what’s happening in your mouth directly affects your well-being. We’ve seen firsthand how issues with your teeth and gums can cause problems elsewhere in your body. Dr. Grace Liu and Dr. Lewis Yu have a goal of restoring natural health to your mouth so that everything operates in total harmony with your whole body.

We believe in dental care that’s minimally invasive and conservative, with preventive care being critical. Our holistic and biological family dental office in Wilmington is equipped with safe, biocompatible materials that are safe for your body and our environment. Both dentists are specially trained in the safe removal of amalgam or mercury fillings (we don’t use them) using the strict guidelines set forth by the IAOMT (the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology).

Why All About Smiles?

It’s time to go beyond where conventional dentistry stops choosing to focus on just fixing your teeth. We’re not going to bring you in the office to filling your cavities, finish a root canal, treat you gum disease, and then send you on your way. We care about you more and want to figure out the root causes of your issues instead of just fixing them as they occur.

We can utilize the Meridian Tooth Chart to show you how directly the mouth and body are connected, down to the specific tooth and organs. We’re also educated on how infections in your mouth sometimes make their way to the other parts of your body.

If you’re interested in making the switch to All About Smiles for high-quality, gentle holistic and biological family dentistry in Wilmington, you’re in the right place. Please don’t hesitate to contact us right away to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us. We can answer any questions you may have about us or the type of dentistry we provide to patients like you.

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