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Get Life Advice (And More) From Your Wilmington Biological Dentist

added on: December 2, 2020

We came across this article featuring well-known Hollywood actress Gwyneth Paltrow. It talks about how she sought advice from a holistic dentist to actually help her family deal and heal from her split with her musician husband, Chris Martin. The two notorious split in 2016 in what they described as deciding to “consciously uncouple.” She sought the advice of a dual specialist in both holistic pediatric dentistry and orthodontics to “gain a deeper understanding of holistic dentistry and the different elements that can provide healing.

As your trusted Wilmington biological and holistic dentist, we provide similar support levels to our family of patients. Beyond educating patients of all ages and stages of life about the many life-changing benefits of holistic dentistry, it’s our job to get to know you on a deeper level, both personally and medically. This ensures you’re going to get the best, most personalized experience possible.

What’s Happening in Your Life Can Affect Your Oral Health

Paltrow speaks in the article about how she remembers going to the dentist and wondering how the added stress of a divorce can wreak havoc on our oral and overall health. She wanted to learn about how holistic dentistry could help her kids heal while also giving them the care they need to have a healthy smile.

As a holistic and biological dentist in Wilmington, we have additional training and technology to address symptoms of dental disease differently. This is also where the idea of getting advice from us or sharing with us what’s going on in your life is essential to your oral health. We don’t just treat your teeth and send you on your way; we’re going to work together to discover the actual cause of your oral health issues. In terms of biological and holistic dentistry, your mouth is so much more than just a set of teeth, and stressors from our everyday lives can take a toll on it. We see your smile as a window that opens up for a better view about how to improve your whole body health naturally.

Helping You Help Yourself — Holistically

Our doctors know what it’s like to be in your shoes, especially Dr. Yu. He spent so much time searching for ways to lead a more productive, healthier life. Unfortunately, it wasn’t until he met with an integrative practitioner that he began to learn the best ways to change his lifestyle for more optimal oral and overall health. With everything from adding more raw foods to your diet to the importance of staying active and fit, this is where he made the connection between functional medicine and holistic dentistry.

Why not schedule an appointment with us and learn more? We want to get to know you better and understand what your life looks like to gain added perspective into how we can provide you with the best treatment possible.